Daily Schedule 2018

  Foundation Topics:    Squat Series:  May 31, June 9, June 19, June 28   Press Series:  May 24, June 2, June 12, June 21, June 30    Deadlift/Pull Up Series:  May 26, June 5, June 14, June 23   Olympic Lift Series:  May 29, June 7, June 16, June 26   

Foundation Topics:

Squat Series: May 31, June 9, June 19, June 28

Press Series: May 24, June 2, June 12, June 21, June 30 

Deadlift/Pull Up Series: May 26, June 5, June 14, June 23

Olympic Lift Series: May 29, June 7, June 16, June 26




Taking the best from high intensity cardio training, gymnastics and weightlifting, we bring you a workout designed to get you in the best shape of your life.  We work with a diverse set of movements that are constantly varied in a way that no other strength and conditioning program can deliver in order to produce results that you can see and feel.

If you care about health, real-world performance, or just want to look better in general, CrossFit is for you regardless of your age or fitness level.

We can easily scale movements and weights, ensuring you get the most out of every class.  Each class is one hour long.

Try us out!  Sign up for one of our Foundation classes free!


An hour long class made for those who want to show up, work hard and get their sweat on.

Conditioning designed to raise your heart rate and get you moving with a focus on form and function.  Burn delivers HIIT (high intensity interval training) in a fun and high energy environment.  Exercises include functional movements, free weights, kettlebell and barbell work, as well as body weight movements.  Whether you want to build strength, gain lean muscle, tone, or lose body fat this class is for you! 

No previous experience necessary!  Try a first free Burn class on us! 


Our mobility class is designed to help improve body mechanics and to provide you with the tools to perform basic maintenance on yourself.  Whether you're looking to improve overall range of motion or become a better athlete, this class is meant for you.   We teach you body awareness, proper positioning and give you the chance to slow down, relax and breath.  It’s all about moving with intention and getting your stretch on for this hour.

All levels welcome, no experience necessary!


Olympic Lifting

A class for those who want to learn and keep improving their olympic lifts. Train under the guidance of Coach Guilherme Fabricio, an Olympic Lifter from Brazil with a technical eye for movement.  Under his guidance watch your technique progress past where you thought you could go!



Open Gym

Come in and work on your own programming or catch up on a WOD you missed. Hours are 8am until 4:30pm.  

Personal Training

Prefer to work one-on-one? No problem!  Get personalized training and programming that is specific to you and your goals. Contact us to get rates and more info!