RCFLV 5th Anniversary!

For the next 13 days leading up to our 5th Anniversary Party (8pm Saturday Feb 25th) we will be honouring our “OG’s” (Original Gangsters) with their very own named workout. These are the members who have been with us since the very beginning, way back in 2012, when The Artist won for best picture and Rolling in the Deep was the song of the year. 

Thank you to all of our members who continue to make RCFLV special and a big shout out to our OG’s as well!

Next up are some of our favourite men.  Each known for completely different strengths, all bring something unique to our gym!  We wouldn't be the same without you.

Beginning this OG shout out is a man with not only brains, but also the best split jerk technique in the gym.  Sean your drive to make it to the earliest of classes only makes our mornings better -especially when it comes to talking sports (for our select male coaches only) -  You bring the friendly competition to weekday workouts and we're lucky to have you! Sean this one's for you!

Second, we have someone who was one of the VERY first members at the gym!  So original in fact, that when Karon started as a 7am regular he was usually the only person in the class.  Karon you bring a frog-like athleticism to box jumps, pull ups and every other gymnastic movement there is.  Travelling all the way from North York we can't find a more dedicated member!  Karon we love you for it, this one's for you!

Last, but certainly not least, we have one of the best parts of any noon workout.  Adrian, you make each afternoon even more awesome with your amazing attitude.  To top that off you demolish each WOD and bring the heat.  We would be lost in the afternoon without you and we just want to say thank you for being one of our most cheerful and amazing OG members!   Adrian, this one's for you!